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The following is a list of recommended and acclaimed crime-mystery books with an academic background
The University setting has always been a favourite in detective fiction, whether supplying the sleuth or just the backdrop
I must declare a personal bias for Colin Dexter and Inspector Morse but I have expanded the list in the interests of fair play!
We always welcome suggestions for additions to the list - authors name linked takes you to their dedicated page

Catherine Aird Parting Breath
Margery Allingham Police at the Funeral
Robert Barnard Little Victims
Josephine Bell Death at Half Term
Robert Bernard Deadly Meeting
Nicholas Blake A Question of Proof
Douglas G Browne The May Week Murders
Leo Bruce Death at St Asprey's School
WJ Burley A Taste of Power
Miles Burton Murder in the Coalhole
Christopher Bush The Case of the Dead Shepherd
John Dickson Carr The Dead Man's Knock
Agatha Christie Cat Among the Pigeons
VC Clinton Baddeley Death's Bright Dart
Gwendoline Butler Coffin in Oxford
Edmund Crispin Love Lies Bleeding
Amanda Cross The Theban Mysteries
DM Devine Devil at Your Elbow
Colin Dexter Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
PC Doherty An Ancient Evil
David Frome The Body in the Turl
Michael Gilbert The Night of the Twelfth
BM Gill Death Drop
Susanna Gregory A Plague on Both Your Houses
Tim Heald Masterstroke
Reginald Hill An Advancement of Learning
Michael Innes The Weight of Evidence
Elizabeth Lemarchand Death of an Old Girl
Charlotte Macleod Rest You Merry
Gladys Mitchell Tom Brown's Body
Ian Morson Falconer's Crusade
Dilwyn Rees The Cambridge Murders
Dorothy L Sayers Gaudy Night
Veronica Stallwood Oxford Mourning
Julian Symons The Paper Chase
Josephine Tey Miss Pym Disposes
David Williams Treasure by Degrees

recommended reading


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