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About Us

Dealing for over a quarter of a century we are full-time, professional book dealers.
We trade on our reputation which is your ultimate guarantee.

You can be sure that no records of your details will be kept anywhere.

Our aim is to provide a wide selection of detective fiction for both collectors and discerning readers alike.
Our level of service is second to none - you satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Our service and standards are the same whether you are buying a paperback or a rare first edition.

All of our books are cleaned and prepared before sale
All books are very carefully checked - we do not sell rubbish !
Descriptions are accurate and any picture is of the actual book for sale

We are based in Lincolnshire, England but ship world wide
to a large international customer base

We hope you find something of interest on the site
If not, please check back as stock is being added on a daily basis

You can see an archived version of our Lincolnshire/Grimsby website here
Rod Collins Blog on Internet Archive


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